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About Huggies Grooming

We started as a mobile mother-daughter team and are now a small, family-owned business serving Broward and Miami-Dade counties in-store and mobile.

Since July 2014 we have worked with love and dedication to care for and beautify all the pets we have treated, since then and with only the most essential resources, we go to work very early every day, to places we never imagined visiting. , we have found a very friendly community that has given us the opportunity to treat their pets with professionalism and care, we have met many different breeds, we have investigated the most appropriate haircuts for each breed, including seasonal cuts, we have provided all pet grooming services to thousands.


We know the needs and requests of our clients, we know them by their names, by their breeds and by the love that these little animals give us every time we visit them to bathe and groom them, we are very Grateful to this South Florida community that opened its doors and hearts to us, and to all the pets that we cherish as their own. If they were part of our family.


Really thank you very much.

Millie and Maria.

Where to Find us

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